Texas Takes All

When it comes to being on top in business, Texas takes it all!  According to a CNBC report last week, Texas was ranked America’s 2018 Number 1 state for business!   At Enchanted Rock, a live CNBC broadcast featuring Governor Greg Abbott announced Texas’ rating following a comprehensive study of all 50 states.  64 metrics in 10 categories were used to make the determination.  Abbott’s response to the news was:

“Texas offers a blueprint for business success.  The Texas economy is the fastest growing in the nation, and more Texans are working than ever before. This is not an accident – reforming taxes, removing regulatory barriers, encouraging participation in the sharing economy, investing in our education system, and securing Texans’ freedom to aspire is our formula for success. As Governor, I will work to continue to keep Texas the best state to build a business big or small, and implement a blueprint for a new era of economic expansion.”