Crescent Petroleum Growing Since 1971

During the tumultuous years of the 1990s in the Middle East, and despite the best efforts of Saddam Hussein, Crescent Petroleum was still able to thrive and grow as a company. Founded in 1971, by the middle of the 1980s Crescent Petroleum was already a key player in the world of energy. By this time they were already active as technical operators in several countries, including Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, Canada, Tunisia and Argentina.
Headquartered in United Arab Emirates, Crescent Petroleum today controls a family of 25 diversified companies, divided into two main divisions, Crescent Enterprises and Crescent Petroleum. As the oldest private oil and gas company in the MENA region, it is no surprise that over the years the Crescent Group diversified into many different industries spread throughout the international marketplace.

The Crescent Group staffs more than 7,000 employees who are dedicated to the success of the company. Currently they are still on the lookout for new opportunities to expand into new markets. Growth and expansion has not, however, prevented Crescent Petroleum from continuing to uphold best business practices while maintaining the highest levels of social responsibility.