COVID-19: How the Big Firms Weather the Storm

COVID-19 is affecting everyone: personally, as a family, a community, a business and globally.  In this article we take a brief look at how some firms are faring better than others.

In this kind of crisis climate, the bigger corporations with more resources seem to be managing better, in particular, the tech giants. For example: Amazon, Microsoft and Apple.

Shares of Amazon hiked up almost 30 percent this year from massive increases in online deliveries.  Given the increasing need for cloud services, Microsoft also benefited enjoying a 9 percent increase.  Apple is an interesting case as its product is not necessarily an essential product and right now demand is higher for those offering essential services.  However, once Apple 5G is launched it is anticipated profits will soar.

Overall, as most are realizing, the process of re-opening the economy will take much longer and be much tougher than shutting it down.  Even if some states re-open they will not necessarily be able to function at normal levels since they often depend on other states (that have not yet opened) for their products/services.  Today, companies are often terribly reliant on firms and individuals nationwide – and even worldwide – for completion of product.