Natural Gas Boom: American Natural CNG & Others

As reported on Forbes recently, the shale gas boom appears to be growing stronger every day, despite warnings to the contrary. Government analysts have been drawing attention to the Marcellus Shale region in the eastern states and finding that the gains in new gas wells are significantly offsetting the declines from existing ones. The U.S. Energy Information Administration has found, in a new report, that Marcellus Shale accounts for 75% of the growth in the nation’s production.

New technologies today are making it more efficient and easier to extract the gas. As the Forbes article explained, “One gas well today can generate twice as much as a single gas well did in 1985, say natural gas groups. The drilling footprint of well pads, meanwhile, has decreased by as much as 70 percent.”

Companies like American Natural CNG and many others continue providing the market with natural gas, and the estimates show that natural gas will provide almost 40% of the fuel used to make electricity by 2035.  

As Michael Krancer, Pennsylvania’s former head of environmental protection recently said in a speech, “The sky has not fallen down like some have said would happen. We need to have continued good performance. Bad actors will be bad for business … The difference is that we can now hydraulically fracture together with horizontal drilling. That’s what is unlocking all this availability of American energy … We are just at the tip of iceberg.”