Electric Car Recall: Bad for Mitsubishi Business

Mitsubishi Motors is finding itself in hot water at the moment, recalling 14,700 electric cars globally due to brake issues that are unique to its electric-motor powered cars. This is one of the biggest callbacks that involves the new generation of eco-friendly cars they are trying to push.

Certainly, this recall is small compared to those that occur for conventional petrol-driven cars, but it accounts for almost half of their overall i-MiEV and MINICAB-MiEV production.

About the recall, Tatsuo Yoshida, a senior analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities in Tokyosaid, “This is a matter of one part, and it’s too much to apply the issue to say there is something wrong with electric vehicles.”

He continued, “The cause of the problem is identified and there were no accidents. But the problematic part is the brake, an important part for safety, and that means Mitsubishi Motors’ quality check procedure is too weak.”