American Airlines Digging Itself Out of Bankruptcy

American Airlines, in an attempt to get out of bankruptcy, has gotten closer to reaching a new contract agreement with its pilots. AMR Corp., the parent of American Airlines, had to file a Chapter 11 protection last November. Up until now, it has been able to reach labor agreements with all of its unions except for its pilots.
Now, the board of directors for the pilots’ union will vote on the latest agreement. They predict that the new vote will be supported, as a similar proposal was already accepted 13-2. The board’s next vote is expected to happen within the week. The airline pilots are then given two weeks to look over the contract before voting.
American Airline, being cautious, has said that it is pleased to be moving ahead on an agreement. They say that they have worked “to structure an agreement that addresses the priorities identified as most important to our pilots, while staying within the economic framework.” —