Tips with IDT Energy on How to Save on Electricity Costs

Utility bills can be pricey but what many household heads do not realize is that with just a few simple tweaks, bills can be substantially reduced. IDT Energy seeks to focus on providing energy-efficient solutions for its customers so that all Americans can benefit from reduced bills. 

According to EIA 2019 figures, the average residential family spends approximately $118.8 on their electricity bill (over $1,400 per year). This figure may not seem exorbitant, but if even a few hundred dollars per year could be put back into one’s pocket, then that is an appealing thought.

Here are a few simple suggestions to get you started:

  1.  Contact the US Department of Energy to find out how to undertake a very simple home energy audit. That way you can go through each room as well as past electricity bills and figure out where there is money to be saved.
  2. Lower the thermostat.  Even by one or two degrees.  This makes a huge difference to heating/cooling costs
  3. Unplug, unplug, unplug.  Whatever you are not currently using, unplug it. Think about the dishwasher for example that you only put on once a week or the computer.  Turning off lights is also recommended since that saves $0.04 per 40 watts.

Saving money on electricity and utility bills really is quite simple.  It is just a case of increasing awareness and being in the know.