Vending Machines: Not Just for Sodas Anymore

The world is constantly on the go and the business world understands that they simply have to keep up with this pace. To do so, some ingenious businesses have started added unusual vending machines to their repertoire. Here are some examples.

Get your cupcakes here: Sprinkles, a cupcake company in New York, is stocking its vending machine with as many as 750 cupcakes a day. For $4.25 you can choose from cinnamon chocolate, black and white and seasonal specialties such as Irish chocolate and maple bacon. They opened their first cupcake ATM in California in 2012 and now have machines in NY, Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas.

Flip-Flopping Away the Day: You never know when you’re going to need new flip-flops. That’s the idea, at least, according to Havaianas which has a flip-flop vending machine in Sydney, Australia’s city center.

Getting Caught in the Rain: It’s rarely fun to get caught in the rain, and the airport in Vancouver understands this. They have a vending machine for umbrellas that allows you, for $5 to get a pocket-sized umbrella.

 Life is Better with Caviar: At least those in Beverly Hills seem to think so. There are actually three caviar machines in Beverly Hills sold by Caviar Automated Boutiques. They offer more than a dozen types of caviar from around the world. Check it out at the Westfield Topanga mall.