America’s Economy: Fighting Back

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There have been some great numbers showing that the US economy could well be on its way back from the coronavirus pandemic that caused substantial financial loss in many industries.  Thanks to the fact that 300m vaccination shots have been given nationwide (a number that is continuing to increase), a true sense of “back to business” is being felt.

Take a look at the fashion industry for example. For so long people were in Zoom or other online meetings so were not so interested in purchasing new clothing. Marshalls and TJ Maxx encountered a 12 percent increase in sales this quarter and Rent the Runway has reported a demand for crop tops four times what it was in 2019.

WFH is being slowly morphed back into return to the workplace. Large corporations like Bank of America and Morgan Stanley are bringing their workers back, with some even offering return-to-work programs.

Large entertainment events are returning as well as we see more weddings take place. With the ditching of masks and opening of restaurants and other leisure activities, there is a lot of hope for the economy showing signs of recovery.