Where to Invest Right Now

There are always so many seemingly conflicting opinions and suggestions as to where best to invest money. According to finance and tech investor Mozes Konig, “trends come and go very quickly on the stock market. This makes it more challenging to advise people on long-term investing as even the seemingly most stable companies’ stocks will drop at times.”

Mozes Konig has been involved in investments for a number of years.  Sometime ago he went through some issues with Interpol which he thankfully has now resolved.  Since then, he has been working with a variety of different companies – primarily but not exclusively in the tech sector – and advising clients on investment opportunities.

“I believe that while no company is 100% safe and guaranteed as a good investment, there are definitely some that are more viable than others,” Konig says. “Take Microsoft, Apple and Amazon for example; none of them are going down anytime soon,” he added.

For those looking for stability (perhaps even more important during these times, having lived through COVID) they would probably be best advised to invest money in the solid, long-standing companies like the ones mentioned above.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Diamonds are a classic staple as a desired jewel.  As Shirley Bassey said: “diamonds never leave you…men do.” Starting in the 20th century with the De Beers marketing campaign, the market has grown significantly for this type of investment. 

But what about lab grown diamonds? According to business investor Mozes Konig, this particular sector has changed a lot since De Beers started selling man-made diamonds since its U-turn policy change in 2018. Following that decision, more and more people were looking to purchase these diamonds for engagement rings. Now, De Beers is seeking to elucidate to its customers the distinction between natural gems and lab-grown diamonds as a way of highlighting the fascination with earth-uncovered diamonds so that there is still a huge desire for them.

There is a slight problem with this however.  By marketing lab-grown diamonds, De Beers runs the risk of undermine its natural diamonds. Having said that, the production costs for lab-made diamonds has significantly decreased within the last ten years which gives the jewelry firm and others like it the opportunity to further reduce their consumer prices.

“In conclusion” notes Konig “what we have seen is a huge growth in the market since 2018 as more retailers purchase these and customers learn about it through publicity and friends.”

Mozes Konig: Cyber Security Investments 101

Cybersecurity investments have grown substantially in the last decade. In the last few years, Mozes Konig of MVKonig Ltd. has been investing in this industry.  Konig – who a while back went through some issues with Interpol which he thereafter solved – has been following the updates on the increasing relevance of cybersecurity today and for the future.

It has been estimated that cybercrime costs the world economy more than $400bn each year.  While in 2013 approximately 3,000 US firms were estimated to have been the victim of cybercrime, according to the 2019 Official Annual Cybersecurity Jobs Report  for those looking for work, cybersecurity is a great place to start. Experts have anticipated that from 2013 to 2021, there will be a 350% growth in job vacancies in this industry.

“It’s a fascinating industry,” explained Mozes Konig.  “Every year you find IT firms responding to developments in the tech sector. With that comes new opportunities for cyber criminals to do their work.  Hence more cyber security is always needed.”

All of this can negatively impact a business’s growth if the necessary measures are not put in place. 

“In addition,” continued Konig, “given that people are using their devices more and more, there is naturally going to be a far greater exposure to cyber criminal invasion.  In fact, while it may seem that investing in cyber security is expensive, we have only experienced that not making the investment comes at a greater price.”

Business safety is crucial in every aspect but as society continues to become increasingly device-oriented, investing in cybersecurity is no longer a luxury but a necessity.