Mozes Victor Konig on Diamond Evaluation

When it comes to diamond evaluation, there is a lot of advice and tips both on and offline.  Books such as The Diamond Handbook by Renee Newman and Gems: Their Sources, Description and Identification by Michael O’Donoghue are definitely recommended.  But to really understand and analyze a diamond, gem expert Mozes Victor Konig believes more is needed.

“The way I initially got into it,” reports Mozes Victor Konig, “was actually by some YouTube videos on the subject I stumbled upon.  Much as books are great guides, to really get to the crux of the matter and see hands on how something is done, videos really help.”

Also, Konig believes, having a “feel” for the precious stone is important.  “You can read all the books in the world on diamonds and watch a ton of tutorials, but if you’re not somehow in tune with diamonds and have a love for them, it’ll be much harder to get an accurate evaluation,” he explained.

Some people are so in tune with diamonds that even the most subtle difference in color strikes them and that can make a huge difference in value.  While you can have two diamonds with almost identical clarity and weight, a slight distinction in color can really affect value. But that takes time to figure out as well as the right lighting. That is probably the main reason that fluorescence can only be identified in approximately  35 percent of gem diamonds. 

Overall though it just takes practice and love as Konig and others have found.  Just keep looking, keep being aware of unique attributes and keep falling in love with diamonds.  After all, they are a girl’s best friend!