Insight Into Investing with the Silverfern Group

It’s always interesting and helpful in the financial world to look at company investing plans and processes. One company, the Silverfern Group with Clive Holmes and Reeta Holmes, was recently written about in the German institutional investment magazine Portfolio Institutionell.

Today, the Silverfern Group has offices in New York, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Sydney. Founders and co-Managing Partners are clear to point out that they have investment opportunities for others in places where they invest themselves. An alignment of interest is always guaranteed and they stand behind all of their investments.

They have transformed from one single family office into a regulated, global asset manager for alternative assets. Their investors are typically multi-billion dollar families who benefit from their investments in Private Equity, Real Estate and Private Debt and are able to exchange off-market information with other members of the Silverfern Group’s network.

One very unique approach is that families can meet together each May at the Silverfern Annual Meeting to discuss current topics. This allows families in the Middle East, for instance, to share their views on the oil sector with others; and it enables families from Europe to give insights about Macron or Brexit.