Spotlight on: Kona Ice

Many businesses and potential business people benefit from hearing about the paths that others have taken. Recently, the Fresno Bee did a story on Lisa Quiroz, the owner of the local branch of Kona Ice. Her Kona Ice business follows the Smart Snacks in School nutrition guidelines and provides low-sugar snacks to kids and adults.

The Kona Ice brand started in Kentucky. As Lisa recounts her story, “We found Kona Ice back in 2011. It just kind of struck us as a great business. We purchased our first truck in May 2011, and that was for Fresno. It quickly grew, and we ended up having to turn down so many events that we ended up getting a second truck in 2012. That was for Clovis. We have just continued growing. In 2013 we bought a little mini-cart that we use at Grizzly games and Fresno State football games. We’re hoping to continue growing.”

When asked what drew her to Kona Ice, Lisa said, ” My favorite time — I love when kids are screaming and they’re chanting “Kona Ice” — but my favorite is when I get a really tough guy that you wouldn’t want to see in a dark alley come up, you hand it to them, they take a bite and just smile ear to ear. And they may come back five times and are chatty as can be. It brings out the child in everybody, and that’s what I love about it.”

They serve two types of customers – those who come to their window and those who book them. And they try to create an experience for everyone involved.