Netflix Inc. Announces Salary Hike for CEO

Netflix Inc. has recently announced a 50% salary hike for its Chief Executive Reed Hastings. This will bring his salary to $6 million for 2014. Netflix had a very good 2013, with stocks that quadrupled in value this year and with growth in its subscriber base.
Most recently, Netflix has been trying to bring in more subscribers with original programming. Its US customer base rose to 31.1 million streaming subscribers in the last quarter with such programming as “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black.” In November alone, Netflix added four new television series and one miniseries. In December, they secured the rights to make new episodes of a spinoff of the widely popular “Breaking Bad” television series.

Time will tell if the salary hike for Hastings will pay off for Netflix. At the moment, it looks like it is.