Making Profits with Green Topics

Some impressive entrepreneurs are using environmental awareness and the “go green” philosophy to turn a pretty profit. Former Brigham Young University student and CEO and co-founder of the startup, EcoScraps, Dan Blake is one example.

Launched in 2010, his business sells compost and potting soil in Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. With 25 employees, EcoScraps takes food waste from grocery stores and farms and brings it to their compost facility. They then sell their products to consumers for less than other organic compost and soil companies.

Clean the World, another example, has partnered with hotel chains in Orlando and the surrounding area to collect thousands of bars of used soap.  The soap, which comes from major hotel chains like Walt Disney Hotels, Starwood, InterContinental Hotels Group and others, is sterilized, melted and reshaped into new bars of soap.  Since starting in 2009, founders Shawn Seipler and Paul Till have distributed over 10 million bars of soap to 45 countries and have diverted over a million pounds of landfill waste.

Both ideas show a brilliant ability to think outside the box and to turn a profit while helping those in need and the environment.