Jobs’ Wife Not Up on Disney Board Ballot

In a mood that is leaving many puzzled, Steve Jobs’ wife does not appear to be on the ballot for Disney’s re-election of directors this coming March.  Disney has explained that 10 of the 11 current board members will stand for re-election. Jobs had been on the board there since May of 2006. Disney bought Jobs’ Pixar in 2006 and he was brought onto the Disney board to offer them guidance and to help the media company.

Now, according to the Walt Disney Co.’s proxy, the directors standing for re-election include Robert Iger, Aylwin Lewis and Sheryl Sandberg.  Laurene Jobs was not on the list; nor was anyone representing his estate.

This news is obviously confusing, as the Steven P. Jobs Trust is Disney’s largest shareholder. They own almos 137.3 million shares which amounts to 7.7% of the company’s common stock.