Hotel of the Future Comes to Japan

Have you ever considered staying at a hotel staffed by robots? That’s the plan for the Huis Ten Bosch, a theme park that is modeled after the Netherlands in Japan’s Nagasaki Prefecture. They plan to open a hotel that is staffed by robots and filled with advanced technology.
The hotel will be called, appropriately, Henn-na Hotel, which means Strange Hotel. The first phase plans to open on July 17 with 72 rooms and the second phase will be finished in 2016 with another 72 rooms.
The hotel plans to have three actroids, which are robots that have strong human likenesses, as receptionists. Then, there will be four service and porter robots and others that will do menial tasks like clearning. As Huis Ten Bosch president Hideo Sawada said, “We’ll make the most efficient hotel in the world. In the future, we’re hoping to build 1,000 similar hotels around the world.” s
Other technology in the hotel will include facial -recognition doors rather than keys, radiation panels that will detect body heat in rooms and adjust the temperature, solar power and more.
Another interesting and unusual feature is the pricing. Rather than having fixed pricing, the room rates will depend on guests who bid for rooms during peak season. The hotel says that, at the time of the opening, the fees will range from $60 for a single room to $153 for a triple room.
You can already reserve your room and get ready for an interesting experience!