Ford Motor Co. Implementing “One Ford”

Ford Motor Co. has been working for six years now developing its “One Ford” global product strategy. As Mark Fields explained recently at a roundtable at the LA Auto Show, “The priorities are almost exactly identical to the priorities we’ve been working on. First off is delivering the ‘One Ford’. It’s a timeless plan.”
Fields, who has been leading Ford’s business until for seven years, is now viewed as the front runner to become the next CEO. Mulally plans to stay on through 2014, approximately a year longer than had been expected.
Now, Fields will be Ford’s first COO since 2006, and he plans to implement the One Ford plan around the world. In South America, for instance, Ford plans to have almost 100% global models by 2014.
As he said, “We are just starting to see the full potential of the global scale and the operating margin benefits through the One Ford plan. We are really still at the beginning stages of operating truly as a global company.”