Fitch Rating Won’t Change Soon, Analysts Say

Fitch Ratings has let America know that there is little chance that the American rating will be influenced in the coming year by world events. A top analyst with the rating agency explained that there isn’t much possibility that a “material adverse shock” in the U.S. in 2012 will lead Fitch Ratings to cut the U.S.’s credit rating.

As analyst David Riley told Reuters in a recent interview, “You can never say never, but it’s not our expectation that there is going to be any material developments that would lead us to change the rating over the next 12 months.”

He continued by saying, “If we had a relatively short downturn because, for example, the crisis in Europe got much worse and there was a spillover effect to the U.S. but we thought that it ultimately would prove to be temporary for the U.S. … then that wouldn’t necessarily lead us to change the rating.”