DBB Appointments

Serving as a board member of the US Defense Business Board (DBB) is a huge honor.  Emil Michael was appointed to the DBB in August 2014 as an advisor, bringing a wealth of experience from the work he had done in the business, financial and political industries via Tellme and Goldman Sachs.

The most recent appointment to the DBB is Paul Dolan who is currently a staff writer for the Puget Sound Business Journal, and COO for PDT Aviation Technical Services.  Like Michael, his experience puts him in a prime position to offer advice from a private sector standpoint.

According to Wikipedia:

“The Defense Business Board was established in 2001 as a complement to broader transformation efforts in the Department of Defense from an overly burdensome bureaucracy to a more streamlined, effective organization.”

As such, having a strong background in business, M&As, mediations and transactions like those of Emil Michael and Paul Dolan makes for a productive and efficient DBB for our country.