Dannon Splashes Out First Super Bowl Ad

Dannon has apparently gotten itself into the Super Bowl act, debuting its first ever advertisement during the February 5th big event.  Featuring actor John Stamos and the Oikos Greek yogurt brand, the TV spot is 30 seconds in length and cost in the ballpark, according to Dannon spokesman Michael Neuwirth, “in the $3.5 million range.”

Neuwirth explained the justification for the spot. As he said, “It’s not to change snacking habits during the Super Bowl obviously. But we’re in a category of food that continues to grow. It’s a long-term trend.”

He explained that, to create exposure “there’s no better way to do that than the Super Bowl.”

With no dialogue, the ad shows a sexy couple fighting over a cup of yogurt, and Danon certainly hopes to make an economic splash with it.