Happy Christmas!

It may not seem like the perfect Christmas with everything that has been going on around us but we are still here and that is already something for which we can be grateful.

While families hopefully are able to celebrate together in their safe bubbles, there is no reason to go out. America has it all this year with predicted snowy Christmasy weather for all.  The eastern half of the country is due to get a white Christmas after all.  What else is important on Christmas than good health, mulled wine, comfy sweats and a glorious winter wonderland outside?

For those fortunate enough to still have jobs, where finances are okay, why not use some of that money to help those who have lost their jobs?  Many people have already done that like the Volunteers of America staff members who have been delivering gift bags with book-themed cupcakes to thank their volunteers who usually work at the Christmas Bureau book tables. Even though this year they could not do their work they were still recognized and commended.

The goal of fundraised money this year from the Christmas Bureau is $535,000.  The Madeleine Muths Memorial Fund put over $22,000 to this goal, Ibex Flooring LLC, $6,000 and GSI Outdoors $5,000.  There is still much more that is needed and every bit helps those more in need than ever before.