The American Dream: A Look in 2019

President and CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue presents his 2019 State of American Business address in this video.  He focuses on policies that result in the bolstering of growth to “enable workers, families, and businesses to pursue their American dreams.”  As such, in the video, one business owner Brian Steorts, Flags of Valor, described his American dream as the ability to “remember, employ and empower” his employees…remembering how we became the greatest country in the world.

Maria Rios of Nation’s Waste, explained: “Coming to this country from El Salvador, becoming an American citizen and starting my own business and creating jobs for other americans; that was my American dream.”

Mark Wilson, Chime Solutions, Moscow, GA “My American dream was to see people reach their full potential; that’s what the American dream is really all about.”

There are different American dreams here; but business is the “common thread that combines them.”

Additional US Job Creation

October was a great month for job creation throughout America.  According to an Economic News Release from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics,  250,000 jobs were added last month.  Unemployment remains at a almost-5 decade low at 3.7% with Hispanic unemployment getting to its lowest ever – 4.4%.  There has been a hike in salaries too.

All this, in spite of Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael.

Home Depot Stepping Up Hiring

As more and more people scramble to find employment in a difficult economy, one company is hanging the “We’re Hiring” banner. Home Depot has just announced that it will soon be hiring 70,000 seasonal workers for the spring. This is the company’s busiest time of the year, as many people work on their homes in the warmer weather.

Those seeking positions can apply at the Home Depot website and hiring will be picking up the pace in the coming weeks. Tim Crow, the executive vice president of Human Resources explains that temporary job openings can sometimes turn into full time jobs, and that people should think of their temporary opportunities in this light.

In 2011, approximately half of the temporary job opportunities did turn into permanent positions for those who were employed.